I’d love to hear from you…

  • if you think it would be interesting to work together on a project.
  • If you want me as a speaker on a topic you feel I can contribute.
  • From time to time I can make room to do some freelance work. If you think you have a limited project that would fit let me know.
  • If you have a job offer, it has to be big or something I would want to do after finishing my Ph.D.. Please don’t waste my time with recruting e-mails that want me to do Java development in a big company.

Please, if you do so…

I would kindly ask you to follow some ground rules. I am always interested in new things, contacts and opportunities but I’m still very mindful with the time I have. Regarding messages this means limiting unnecessary communication. That’s why I won’t answer to

  • unpersonal chain e-mails,
  • e-mails without a subject,
  • e-mails from complete strangers without proper introduction,
  • or e-mails without greeting.

The rules also apply to twitter direct messages.